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Soul: Striving for Simplicity

18 Jul

It is a blessing to have. To have shelter. To have the things needed for day-to-day life. To have the stuff that makes up life.  Sometimes I envy the carefree and simple life of creatures.


They don’t have anything to carry around. They come and go as they please, picking up what they need as they go on. No stuff  to worry about. Just the usual grind of survival and fending off bully grackles.

I am carrying on with my task of organizing classroom materials. It is a little disconcerting today because when I look out into my living room, there is very little walking space. Just a small path between the boxes that create a maze from the walls to the middle of the room, or at least close. I keep telling myself there is reason to the piles. I have even finished the science materials. I am half way through the math. There is just so much.

Stuff Stuff2

To add insult to injury, throughout the school year not only have I allowed my classroom materials to get into disarray, but my home has suffered the same if not a worse fate. I just spent half a day looking for a medical report I knew I had but couldn’t find. In the end I prevailed, and now as a result I have “purged” the stacks of papers on my desk and moved them into the file cabinet. Something that has been needed for quite some time.

I think that is the key as I read pins on Pinterest and books, blogs and articles on organization. We need to purge. Not only physically purge, but internally as well. As we discard the old remnants of previous projects, bills, even lives in a sense, we remove them from our minds as well. I can not help but think of the “scandisk” function it seemed to be necessary to perform on computers from time to time to optimize performance. I am realizing how it translates into stuff both internal and external.

So I will carry on with the purging and reconfiguring in the hopes that soon I will have an efficient, attractive, accessible end product that will make all this drudgery worth it. I hope that this will be the year I am organized and can keep it that way and next year will be the year to play and enjoy life!

Like the little bird, adventures await, even if it means fending off a grackle or too.

by  Dinkum

by Dinkum


Mind: The storm after the storm

11 Jul

The Sun by User:Lykaestria

The Sun by User:Lykaestria

The end of the school year is always a hectic, emotional, and rushed time of year. Always trying to get in those last learning opportunities, complete projects, send home everything…. And then pack up the classroom quickly so you can hurry and relax before it is time to return to a new class of sparkling minds.

by Ropable

by Ropable

This year has been more hectic than most. I decided to bring home my mess so I could sort it out over the summer. And my mind is having a hard time knowing what to do. Although I am keeping a similar schedule, I fight off sleep all day only to lie awake with my head spinning at night. Is this normal?

My saving grace has been Pinterest therapy. Every few moments, I take a break from whatever I am doing at my lap top, and I gaze at Pinterest. There lie all of the answers, just waiting to be viewed. And there are many answers, not just a few. I tuck them away in neat organized categories, much more organized than anything else I own. It gives me pieces of mind to know that all these fantastic ideas are filed away just waiting to be opened, read and used.

I have begun a few attempts at harnessing the chaotic void left by the school year ending and my life suddenly stepping out into the brightness of summer. First, I go on walks most days. This is healthy for the mind as well as the body. Secondly, I have time to eat and drink. I can drink as much water as I want, any time I want. This is healthy for the mind and the body as well. Next, I have begun breaking down my piles of boxes into neat piles of attempts at organization. Even though these piles are scattered all over 2 rooms, it makes me feel good to know that I am consolidating and applying a system to all that junk. Last, I am taking classes. I am trying to come up with a plan. I am not sure what that plan is yet, but I am trying new things. I am helping myself instead of wracking my brain trying to think of the millionth way to try to help those kids enjoy learning. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what I am doing and thinking about is still connected to finding a better way to learn, but this is in my way, in my time, in my space.

Will the spiral in my mind unwind and dissipate into a serene flow before it is time to go back to the classroom in no time at all? That is the question. Time will tell.